The other day I was refilling a soap container from a big one. The soap container had a very small opening and I needed a funnel to help me pour. The funnel I found was very small, but I felt it would do the job. As I poured the liquid soap, I ended up pouring too fast. As a result, I lost a lot of good sap in the sink.

Businesses and marketers use the example of a sales store in their marketplace. The objective is to capture every viable sales opportunity. Unfortunately, most businesses have small funnels like my story. Sadly, some sales funnels are not only small; They are outdated, have holes in them or are too plugged in clickfunnels pricing uk.

I fixed my funnel by making a mouthpiece I doubled the amount of capture area and did not lose a drop of soap. In business, the impact of expanding a sales

Expanding The Sales Funnel Opening Makes Selling Easier
In business, we can not slow down the rate of opportunities. Opportunities develop in their own time Sometimes it is slow We must adopt a method of catching all the opportunities and follow up ALL of them. This can only be accomplished by our contact activities and NEVER dropping the ball on opportunities that are not ready.

The secret is automating the selling process with technology, using sales tools that expand the sales funnel opening and keep us in contact with prospects. If we have holes in our selling process, we must seal them with the best practices of selling.

If we widen our funnel to capture more opportunities, prospects will come at a more manageable rate. It is very easy to control Try it Just remember, use technology to increase you contact capabilities. Increasing your sales activities expands and widens your sales funnel Selling is easy with a humongous sales funnel.